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The Environmental Awareness Course is designed to meet several needs:

• ISO 14001 requirement for staff to receive environmental awareness training

• Induction training

• Upskilling H&S staff

• Background training

• Management overview, generating understanding of environmental issues

• General interest

The course is practical, and enables the participants to make the links between global and local issues, and relate these to their workplace.

With only half a day needed for the course, your workforce can be trained without taking them away from their work base for too long.

The interactive nature of the course means that issues which are pertinent to your organisation can be explored.

You can choose between attending a course open to all, or have delivery arranged specifically for your company employees in a location of your choice.

The course can be delivered at many different intellectual levels, depending upon the engagement of participants.

Issues addressed include natural cycles, atmospheric emissions, discharges to water, climate change, amongst others.

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