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Gibson Consulting and Training is a well established and respected consultancy delivering a variety of environmental training courses, designed to bring about positive behavioural change within your organisation.

Support from our environmental consultancy can help your organisation survive in an increasingly difficult business environment.

Gibson Consulting and training has been delivering effective and enjoyable environmental training for over ten years.

All our course tutors are approved by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA)

Gillian Gibson is the owner of this company: She is a Fellow of IEMA, as well as being a member of its Board.

Her place on the Professional Standards Committee is reflected in the quality of the courses on offer.

Only consultants and tutors with proven experience are used, thus maximising the value of your time spent with us.

AT GCT we like our days to be as enjoyable as possible. This extends to our courses. Please don’t sign up if you want to fall asleep in a corner and snore to the changing click of the PowerPoint presentations – we don’t do them.

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